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Mitsuboshi Belting make you the best proposal with 100 years of experiences and technologies.


Mitsuboshi's belts drive motorcycle/scooter wheels.

CVT and Rear Wheel Drive. We are offering two kinds of belt for drive system.

Belt drives will continue to attract attention as alternatives to chain drives.

CVT_Continuously Variable Transmission / Rear wheel drive

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Variable Speed Belt

Excellent deformation resistance and flexibility enable speed ratio to change smoothly.
It is widely used in motorcycles and stooters.

Brand you trust.
Genuine quality for replacement.


Rear Wheel Drive Timing Belt

High transmission performance with low noise even in the situation where dust and mud adhere to the belts.
Rear Wheel Drive Timing Belts are widely used especially in EV scooters.

MADE TO ORDER for your needs.



The reason why Mitsuboshi's belts are chosen.
-Technologies of Rear Wheel Drive Timing Belt-


Compared to chains, it reduces a sound pressure up to 7%.(*1)

(*1) Our test results. Drive pulley speed: at 1000 rpm.

Belt Drive

Chain Drive

High Transmission Efficiency

Transmission efficiency is improved by up to 0.4 % compared to a chain drive.(*2)

(*2) Our test results.Drive pulley speed: at 920 rpm.

  • Maintenance-Free

    No need re-tensioned/lubricating with oil.

  • Weight Reduction

    The belt system is litghter than chain system by 10%.

  • Long Life

    Excellent durability.

Flow until introduction

Process Until Proposal_Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

  1. 1.Inquiry

    Please contact us using the inquiry form.
    We will respond within 1-2 days.

  2. 2.Design Study

    We will perform a design study using your design condition.
    Result will be reported in approximately two weeks.

  3. 3.Proposal

    Based on the result of the design study, we propose the belts which have optimal specification/size.
    If you decide to adopt our belts, we will support your development until it’s completed.

The proposal flow for repair parts is different from OEM.
Please feel free to contact us.


Mitsuboshi Belting make you the best proposal with 100 years of experiences and technologies.